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December 31st, 2007 pictures
Drill holes and delivery of more materials

George (the truck driver) called and we got the truck as close to the job as the soft ground would allow.

After marking the site with string, the guys started digging holes for the poles.  Not sure whey we had all that nice stone dirt and
now they pull up all the soil from the holes, but time will tell how this works out.  We still have some stone dirt left if needed.

As you would expect, my stuff is on the bottom or not the easiest to get to.  We need to almost unload the entire truck to get the materials
needed for our job.

Checking the holes, only TWO had water (not much) and what can you expect after 2" of rain in the last 3 days - not bad!
The building inspector is expected between 12 and 3 today - we will see!

George and his first day helper were simply great!  Took their time and unloaded the materials with skill and care - fun to watch!

We moved the windows, door, and pole protectors to the house LEFT of picture - steel to the ground here.

Picking up the trusses from the truck - boy can George work the crane - he did an EXCELLENT job and was taking the time to"
teach his new helper at the same time who also did a fine job!

None of the stuff you see here on the ground (except the extreme left metal) is mine - had to unload to get to my stuff - maybe the loaders
should spend a week with the un-loaders and get a hint?  Lots of time was wasted here unloading and reloading the same materials.
They did a GREAT job, and were very careful with all the materials - impressive!

George picks up the trusses with the hydraulic arm.

His helper swings them around the last pole on the truck and misses the tree by inches - he planned that I'm sure!

Bringing them around some more.

Lining them up for placement on the ground.

Taking time to position them neatly on the ground with the other materials.

They are down now!

Note the boards under the trusses to keep them off the ground - nice!  Now comes the metal job box which is heavy!

They took time to position the slings so when George lifted the box it came up even and was easy to move with the arm lift.

Up now and coming around.

His helper guiding the box off the truck.

Coming down to the ground with the job box.

Almost there, watch out for the materials on the ground - a long reach!

Down now!  Now, my stuff is mostly on the top - we are lucky!

The re-packed job box is ready to be put back on the truck - note all the other windows, door and pole protectors for the next job.  They
will have to be re-loaded on the truck next.

George check our the packing of the materials.

You can see here some of the tree limbs cut down for this project.

The location of the materials on the house LEFT and the pile RIGHT and the site just in front.

George wrapped the trusses to protect the materials, screws and small stuff.  All the metal to the left is in plastic already.

The windows and door against the house is also wrapped in case of rain.  That's it for today.

ALL Photos 2008 Dr. Edward E. Boas, Jr., and are to be used ONLY with written consent.
Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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