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December 22nd, 2007 pictures
Site preparation by US! - cheap labor - the boys and myself!

This shows the limbs and branches we took down from the tree next to the site and the shop.

The blue pile is lumber from Shone Lumber for the project and the orange cone marks the well.

Yep, we moved the dog houses, clothes line and SHED - gave it to the neighbor behind this house - he wanted it for his wife?

Another shot of the well marker and the lumber.  We covered it to keep it from getting wet in the rain predicted.

Foreground is the old garden and center towards the oil tank is where the shed was located.

The limb and branch pile looking at the back of the shop.

That's Edward III looking over the placement of the flags for location confirmation.  Yes, it's about 30 out and he's in shorts!?

Looking North to the helicopter hanger door in the shop next store.

Looking southwest at the well marker and the lumber pile.

The old shed up on the hill - Roger's wife wants it for her gardening stuff - we should have no problem getting with tomatoes this spring!

Still some large branches to cut up - Edward III ran out of gas - so did the saw!

Looking SOUTH at the side of Ernie's house - site for the building to the right.

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Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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