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January 23rd, 2008 pictures
Final Concrete Shots and the Garage Doors are UP!!

Some shots before the garage doors get here.  Still covered from the wind and cold while the concrete sets up.

Yes, those are insulated blankets on the 16' door apron.  The angled cover is for the rain and drizzle last night.

The concrete guys did a great job protecting the concrete from the elements and blowing hot air in the garage all night!

The garage concrete lean-too! - cute.

The next morning after all the protection is removed - front apron show here.

OK, this is not an artistic shot - yes, it's me - just trying to show the floor the next day.

Now here is a better view of the inside floor - smooth but not perfect - a no-slip finish when wet - my choice.

Now the sun has moved and you get the idea here from this shot.

After a day delay which I agreeded upon the garage door guys showed up.  By the time I checked the big door was almost done.

The side door going up, first section first.

Clean and nice workers, Jay and his Helper were great and VERY neat - quality work.

The guys with their setup tables and hourses in the garage.  They liked the space for working!

Hanging up the tracks - note the third panel, that was to low and I asked that it be moved up like the house garage door.

Ahhhhh . . .put those windows at the top.

The door guys truck - some advertising for them can't hurt?

The side door before the outside sealing trim is installed - looks great!

Jay is installing the outside door seal - it will be air tight.

Now on the back door you can see their website address.

The finished front 16' door

Another view of the south end of the building with the door installed - nice!

The side door with the outside seal installed.

Now, with the tree filling the picture and the professional photographer kicking in, the sales picture - East side.

Another angle of the finished East side.  When thing warm up, some top soil and landscaping will be installed.  When that happens
I'll let you know and take some more pictures.  It's time (when it warms up) to move some of Ernie's stuff into the garage (while the
mud is frozen) - HA, ha!

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Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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