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January 9th, 2008 pictures
Getting ready for the concrete, more 'select fill' and site grading!

Had ANOTHER (now 60 yards - 4 dump truck loads!) of select fill delivered to level up the floor and surrounding area - ready for concrete next!

See the CAT behind the building - they are spreading the fill around the building and inside too!

View of the side facing the back of the house (this side faces the east).

The south side view (note the afternoon sun) - CAT spreading select fill! - Bill is supervising too!

The NORTH side of the building facing the shop/heliport.

We are going to put a 10' or so apron to lessen the angle of the ramp.  On the small door and a 4' x 4' pad will go in front.

Leveling up the fill on the inside - view thru the side 8' door opening.

Looking in the same door - need at least 4" of concrete on the floor next.

Graded view of the back of the building facing the shop (at my back).

The west side of the building - shop in the background with my red car trailer in view.

Front ramp area on the big door facing south.

Another view of the front of the garage - my red truck parked behind the shop to the right.

The CAT operator appreciated my orange cone over the well cap - I thought he would!

Without the orange cap, after landscaping an a bush or two - you will not see the well cap - and I'll try not to hit it either!

We plan on concrete, then two courses of sod next to/around the building, then seed and hay the remainder of the yard for now.

Shrubs and low plants will surround the building in the spring when we can dig in the dirt with a shovel.

This will be the 10' wide and 10' long side ramp here.  workbenches will be in the door to the right facing the shop.

Total view graded (after Clarke and I spent some time this after noon) side facing the house - we raked it ALL out!

Inside the building area raked and graded pretty well at this point.

A look at the side door from inside.

The front ramp will be the entire width of the building (24') and come out 6' or 8' whatever looks best.

We are ready for George from 1st State Concrete to show up - more pictures then!

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Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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