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January 7th, 2008 pictures
The sides go up and the eves get capped! - A beautiful WARM day in January!!

Very nice day and warm, the bottom siding gets finished this morning.

The last corner of the grey gets done!

The crew doing their best.

Getting ready to put up the white top siding.

The back side is finished with the white siding.

The back side of the building.

Another view of the back - you now get a feeling for what it will look like when done.

Caulking the windows before the final trim.  They are thermo pane windows with screens.

The front 16' door is shaping up with the right pole installed.  Note the upper channel under the eve - more coming.

Starting the white siding on the side near the house back door is off to the right of this picture.

Sizing up the next white panel to install.

The side garage door.

back of the building looking at the house in the background.

Front of the garage working up in the eves.

An inside view of the back side.

Inside view looking to the back of the house.

The front side facing the house is moving along.

Actually this is looking thru the back wall taking a picture of the new created space!

The job foreman working on the capping of the eves - looks nice now and maintenance free!

The crew working on the eve, soffit, side panels - don't know where the fourth guy is now?

Back side and front soffit work on the right front.

A closer view of the work on the front soffit.

A look inside without the support beams in place - lots of space.

Closer view of the peak eve and top channel.

Corner view of the soffit and turning the corner.

Top 'J' channel.

Clarke must have taken this one because that's me looking at the back of the building.  Looking at the eve capped with the grey.

The house is to the left and this is the front of the garage - windows are caulked and finish trip installed.

Another view with Clarke's Camaro in the upper parking lot.

The side garage 8' access door.

The front eve capped with grey trim.

The main 16' garage door opening look nice today.

The boxes in capped eve from the side to the peak on the front - looks nice right?

Another view - sorry I didn't focus properly - it's NOT your eyes (yet)!

The other side of the garage door eve is mostly done and should be finished tomorrow.

A look inside the building near the end of the afternoon.

Another look inside to the house side.

The back side eve is getting done and capped.

Working on the grey cap for the eve - front fascia.

A view from a couple of feet further back - same side.

A little further to the left - same view.

Back side - going to get skinned today before it gets dark! - watch.

First white panel goes up.

Second panel goes up . . .

Screws to hold it in place come next.

More panels going up.  Note that they lay them out since they are cut very close to the size needed - a big jig-saw puzzle but not that hard to follow.

Note they are cutting the next panel on the grass lower left and the eve is following the panels.

Another distant view further up on the hill.

Overall view from up on the hill behind the building.

Another angle on the back side of the garage.

View from the house side of the building (East).

That back wall is getting there . . . and . . .

Last back panel is up and the front fascia is up on the eve.

The finished back wall (The NORTH side of the building).  This is the side the workbenches will be on facing the shop at my back here.

A look from the inside of the building.

Looking at the East side of the building from the inside.

Inside of the WEST side of the building looking up the hill.

Looking our the front garage door - facing SOUTH - setting sun off to the right in the trees of this picture.

From the hill behind the shop - starting to take shape.

Roger, our wonderful neighbor and Edward III deciding if all is well as a final look for the day is had by all (look closely).

ALL Photos 2008 Dr. Edward E. Boas, Jr., and are to be used ONLY with written consent.
Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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