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January 4th, 2008 pictures
Roof, door, and windows go up/in! - Warmer clear day not as windy!!

Lifting the first roll of roof insulation to the roof.

Get the right side down and the right side up and don't fall thru the rafters!

OK, I asked too!  They put this Styrofoam stuff down to protect the treated lumber from touching the metal siding.
Apparently there can be some kind of reaction over time with the two materials - time will tell!

The roof (grey) appears to be going up.  Note the wind blowing the insulation - there was NOT much wind all day thankfully.

Waiting for another roof panel, not for a taxi - I think!

Here comes the next roof piece.

They took their time and made very sure of the top and bottom alignment also the overlap to the previous roof panel.

First side is done.  Yes, they forgot the screw line where you see the roof 'bump' in the middle.  They fixed it later which you will see in
another picture.  Also note the side door is seen in place for the first time.

Yep, a door appears to be in the correct place!  I didn't know I got a nail hanger also - must be an option?

The door is looking good from here - still don't remember that nail hanger option on the forms?

This is the 16' garage door end.  YES, the front right pole is just in the hole - it's not setup yet.

Now you can see the pole I'm talking about - they will get to it on Monday I'm sure - need some concrete.

The roof from down under with the insulation.  Note the eve is open for air flow in the hot and cold weather.

Another shot of the insulation under the roof.

Just another shot of the worksite looking in the front 16' door opening.

Insulation looks good from this angle - still note the hurricane straps holding the trusses on the header.

Here is the lower front corner preparing for the bottom panel.

The door from the inside.

The roof front another angle.

The one pole on the hinge side of the door is SHORT - hope they anchor it well!!??

The channel under the roof side.

They are going to fix that bump later - you will see.

Bottom channel on the house side back end.

Another shot of the bottom angle metal.

Insulation on the other side - back side of the garage.

Hope he doesn't take a step back?

End view looking in the garage door.

Roofing panels going up the final side of the garage.  Note the last 10" is open for airflow in and out of the garage.

It's all screwed together and the screws have a rubber/plastic grommet on them to seal out the water. etc.  What would they do without
battery powered drills?

The boxed in eve section.

Door with header - not sure what I did to the picture here - the door is not that short - HA!

The house is at my back.

The windows looking at the shop - the shop is at my back.

The windows looking at Roger's house on the hill behind the garage.

Another shot of the backside, note the bottom channel and the finished roof.

Windows where the workbenches will be located looking out to the helipad and shop area.

Same side - different angle - extra insulation from the roof on the ground right.

Windows facing the house with the door.

Working on the house side putting in the windows header plate.

Yep, that's a windows header.

The day got away from me (go figure it's Friday?) and got out late to catch some pictures from the lower part of the wall up - nice!

Back side is done also.

Putting on the top channel of this course wall.

finalizing the back side metal cap.

The under eve vinyl is installed on this side - top right.

Finishing up the base bottom channel on the house side.

the course of grey metal from the inside.

Another distant view to show the layout and future look.

Looking in the garage door.

Another angle in the garage door.

From the back - you begin to see what it's going to look like,  Note the vinyl under the soffit.

Soffit picture looking to the shop hanger door.

Under the eve.

A distant picture for how the building sits on the property.

Another view from up on the hill by the shop - heliport off to the left.

Now you can see 04MD in the foreground - glad I trimmed the tree!

Zoomed in view.

Another distant view to show the layout.

From back on the hill behind the garage - shop to the left.  You can really see the limbs I cut off the tree now.

Getting late - did some site cleanup since the G-men come Monday AM and took some final pictures Friday evening.

House side.

The flash really accents the well protector nicely I think!

Back side view.

Good shot of the eve with the flash - you can see the metal on the wall side clearly.

Top cap channel of the lower level wall panel.

The windows sit just above the bottom wall panels.

Hope they caulk the corners?

Back side view.

Time to go inside - it's just to dark - Monday is another day.

ALL Photos 2008 Dr. Edward E. Boas, Jr., and are to be used ONLY with written consent.
Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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