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January 3rd, 2008 pictures
The TRUSSES and 'J' channel go up - and it's 19 and Windy!!

By the time I showed up at 9Am they had almost ALL the trusses up on the header.

Another view of the trusses on the top header from the backside.

They MANUALLY lifted the trusses up, set them upside down, then FLIPPED this upright by HAND.  Just trying to stay warm I guess?

Another picture of the truss BEFORE the final flip!

Lining up the boards to hold the trusses in the right position and prevent the wind from blowing anything down.

View from the house at my back.

View from the shop at my back later in the day with the roof support studs in place.

Another view from a different angle of the roof and fascia installed.  Early afternoon - they left for lunch and to get warm!!

From up the hill in the back year looking to the house.  You can begin to see the size of the garage compared to the house.

Their back putting on the other fascia - no he is not caught or planning to jump - see the next picture.

See, he decided to move and get warm.

The side 8' door location and position is clear in this picture.

Thank goodness for the air gun - makes nailing easy and fast.

The air gun only works so long and then need another air can, not sure what he is doing here.

Side door again with fascia installed.

This is the 8' door and you can look closely and see the 'J' channel installed - more pictures coming next.

Front of the garage left side - note roof supports and structure.

Overhand to protect from the rain when using the door and garage door from this side.

A good view of the roof after the guys left to get warm for the day.

Corner structure with rood and overhand.

Same side from the side view.

Overall roof view looking to the house in the background.

Another view from up on the hill behind the house in the backyard.

The 'J' channel installed and note the nails from the hurricane straps - think they are long enough? - must be the code?

Hurricane straps from the front/inside of the garage.

One for each truss, code required - keeps the roof on when the hurricane rolls in!

From inside the garage looking out the 8' door to the road out front - Route 213.

Our neighbor Roger stopping by to help pick up the brush - all I did was give him the old shed - what a nice neighbor we/Ernie has!!

Good view of  the 'J' channel on the top of the header.

Total view of the same side.

Further down the same side.

A close look at the post protectors that are suppose to protect the posts in the ground just about forever.

Another look at the same corner.

Nice clear shot of the 'J' channel and a nail that missed and/or was to help hold the stud up the first time?

Either they a) wanted to make sure it was level, b) didn't want to forget the level, or c) just forgot and left the level for me?  Hummm . . Let's see now.

Overall look at the structure and roger picking up the SECOND load of brush of the day - he's like the energizer bunny!

Clarke and I pickup up the site and moved the lumber from the ground to the saw horses.  We did a general cleanup.  They will be
shocked in the morning that all their stuff is neat and hidden from the road just in case passers by wanted any ladders, etc.

'J' channel above the side garage door late in the afternoon.

The site is clean all stuff is behind the house and out of sight to the casual passer by and the lumber is covered with out blue tarp.

Roger's final load of the day will be ready for the dump tomorrow AM - Thanks Roger!

Overall view looking at the house - see the ladders and tools by the oil tank - you are welcome!

More straps.

Closer look at the 'J' channel.

End view of the 'J' channel.

Looking out the side garage door - see the wood I picked up on the table?

Stepping back to look at the overall site and the house and shop.

Another distant view to show the layout and future look.

A little closer overall view.

Looking back to the shop, everything is covered for the night - garbage in black bags for them.

Looking up from the inside at the roof structure.

I had to move to this location and the sun is brilliant just behind the tree here to the left - no brush pile and the view from the shop and
standing in the helipad 04MD area.  That's it for today.

ALL Photos 2008 Dr. Edward E. Boas, Jr., and are to be used ONLY with written consent.
Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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