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January 2nd, 2008 pictures
The poles go up - and it looks like a building!!

It was COLD and Windy and they forgot the pole protectors - glad I reminded them early in the process!!

Ran the electric line from the shop - hope they clean up their mess on the stone in the parking area when they are done??

The poles - with the protectors on the bottom go in the holes.

Looking to the South - house to the left shop to my back.

Trick photography, cold glare on the camera? - Oh well, you get the idea.

The first row get put up almost straight for now.

Starting to look like something now.

We all took turns taking pictures today, I think they went to lunch and Edward or Clarke took this series - I was on the road!

Note the hi-tech string to line everything up square - cool!

You can clearly see the pole protectors in this shot and some base lumber ready to install next.

Their pole guides, string and lineup for a square corner.

Looking North East.

They are back from lunch, it's still REAL cold and Windy and the base lumber is installed.  They had a problem with a pole protector
and did not put in the right pole for the 16' door on this end of the building yet.  They were to get another protector tomorrow.

The base treated lumber on the bottom, this will be where the concrete goes to in the future when the floor is poured.

The front of the garage with a 16' wide door is at this end.

Put up that first course of perimeter boards!

Making sure that they are level.

The rear of the garage where the shop/workbenches and two windows will be.

Late in the afternoon this shows the 8' wide door in the side at the end where the shop benches will be.
You will have two cars in the garage and room to enter another vehicle in the side to work on right by the bench on the back right wall.

The top header boards.  I assume the trusses will rest on these boards/headers.  Interior height is 10' - maybe another Back Yard Buddy
http://www.backyardbuddy.com lift is in our future?

Both side headers are on now.

The headers and side boards/studs are shown here late in the afternoon and getting COLDER!

Looking East toward the house.  Note that we put the 16' wide door facing South to get the warm weather in the summer and winter!

The front left corner looks good now.  Note the height of the poles above the headers here . . .

Finishing up the support boards here.

Another shot of the basic structure.

They appear to be leveling up the poles here with supports for the entire structure - get it square please!

From the 16' wide garage door end looking North - setting sun is behind my left shoulder in this photo..

The poles above the headers are cut even and ready for the trusses!

Note the windsock on the shop - straight out is 15 knots and it's really blowing and COLD now - they left!

Edward checking out the job with the last rays of sunlight - what's in that right hand? - Nice picture Clarke!

ALL Photos 2008 Dr. Edward E. Boas, Jr., and are to be used ONLY with written consent.
Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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